[BITTER SWEET LOVE] is a taste of the world and that already seems delicious to me! ~ Under the Covers

This brand new Young Adult Paranormal series caught my eye because of its interesting premise. It’s about demons and gargoyles, something that I haven’t encountered in my many years of reading paranormal. Also, because it’s written by Jennifer L. Armentrout, I was eager to see how her imagination would fly in this new paranormal world.

Right off the bat, you can sense that Armentrout is in her own element. I’ve read all of her books so far and find that her best work comes from the YA genre and the paranormal. Her voice just suits the genre so well and I think it’s easy for readers to just fall into place with this new, but crazy exciting world.

Naturallly, in all Armentrout books, you will find a sexy as hell hero and strong, independent heroine and witty banter. There is a ton of this in this prequel novella to the Dark Elements series. There’s also a touch of action, which I think will be further emphasized in the first book, White Hot Kiss when it comes out next year.

Armentrout introduces the world of the Wardens and the different clans very well. it’s just a tease, but it’s enough to make me excited for the next book. Speaking of the next book, Armentrout expertly weaves in the main characters Zayne and Layla. There is also the presence of a Upper Level Demon which will make things very interesting for Layla very soon.

Let me backtrack a little bit and talk about Dez and Jasmine though, who are the main characters of this novella. I loved Dez. He’s just the kind of guy you can instantly fall for. He’s flirty, fun and a little teasing and that seems to annoy Jasmine, even though I can also tell she loves it. Dez and Jasmine have been two peas in a pod for most of their lives until three years ago, Dez just disappears without telling Jasmine anything. When he returns, he is to mate with Jasmine. After all this time being kept in the dark, how do you think Jasmine would feel about all this?

While interesting, the actually reason why he left felt a little weak in the end. Though it’s entirely plausible, I don’t think the novella length really gave readers a chance to soak that up. But despite that, I still think this is a strong novella. It gives you a taste of the world and that already seems delicious to me!

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