I am in love.

The dystopian-like world that Kit Rocha (aka Moira Rogers) has created really blew me mind. With just the first book, they were able to create such a vivid picture of this alternate world and by the end of the book, I wanted to step into it.

Rocha introduces readers to Noelle, a woman from Eden. As she stumbles into Jasper accidentally, she soons finds herself thrust into a whole different world. Life in Eden could not be more different than what she is about to experience. After gaining the trust of some of the members, Noelle is inducted into O’Kane’s gang and what I loved most about this book is its emphasis of loyalty to one another. Once you are a member, you are in for life and everyone has your back. Noelle finds a home in the gang, but must now find her place in it. Will it be beside Jasper McCray, bootlegger and cage fighter?

Though there are multiple POVs and Rocha entices readers with all of them, it’s still nice to see a HEA at the end of the book. Rocha was able to introduce these badass characters one by one and make me fall in love with each one of them. I found myself intrigued and interested to see what would happen next, that by the time I was satisfied, the book was finished. I need the next one ASAP.

With scorching hot sex scenes, readers will have a bit of everything – light bdsm, toys,voyeriusm, etc. There’s a great mix of kink here that I think readers will enjoy. There’s really something for everyone. Paired with excellent writing and you’ve got a hit!


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