‘…if you love Charley, you will absolutely love Defiance. They have a very similar vibe.” ~ Under the Covers

Defiance Dayne is more comfortable in her new skin as charmling witch and she is more prepared to defend herself from other witches who want to take her power.  In this installment, there are powerful beings at play that will push her into her true powers.  The rest of the characters have also  settled in their new lives in supporting Defiance.  It’s all so exciting.  

I was super happy to find out that I didn’t  have to wait long for this second installment of Betwixt & Between.  I enjoyed every bit of it.   Darynda stepped up her game and increased the humor, mystery/suspense, and she definitely upped the love game.  She also established all the characters’ roles and placed them where they are supposed to be in Defiance’s new life. We get more page times for Roane and Annette in this book.  They remind me of  the characters in the Charley Davison series which I absolutely love.  The funny banters, hilarious awkward moments, and the sweet interaction with Defiance’s friends and family.  It also follows a similar theme to the Charley Davidson series.  There’s a main  plot which will focus on Defiance’s story and a subplot which focuses on a smaller mystery.   So if you love Charley, you will absolutely love Defiance. They have a very similar vibe.



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  1. I’m still on the fence about this. I read a small excerpt, and while it was interesting and made me smile, it was, again, a scene that just seemed to go on and on before the character finally figured things out.