The final book of the trilogy is about the youngest Di Luca brother, Noah.  He has been the quiet one that we don’t know much about. Especially about his mother.  His situation was never explained much but this book threw in a crazy twist about his past.  We finally find out who his mother was, and this has been his dirty little secret.  She came to him when he was a teenager and he’s never told anyone he knew who she was.  Now she wants his help to get that bottle of wine or she will kill him.

Throw in the mix Penelope, Noah’s first and true love, who comes back into town after her husband died to find her father.  And get ready to find out who her father is!  Yes, things got complicated in this book, maybe a bit too much.

I will admit that I might’ve skipped through some parts, mainly the past that related to past events.  I wish there would’ve been more of the today stuff to fill in those spaces.

But, oh boy, Penelope and Noah were hot and raw.  The tree scene, the hotel scene, just hot and emotional.  I really liked them as a couple.

The final resolution of the bottle of wine, the diamonds and the rattle was action packed and I enjoyed the fact that it was a good resolution to a plot that has been going on through the whole series.  The only thing I felt was missing was the italian flavor we have been getting in the past books.

Favorite Quote:

“Civilized?” He nudged his still-strong erection against her. “All I want is to sleep with you, screw you, come with you, come in you, make you mine until you can’t remember any man, and life except me and mine.”

She whimpered, his words creating a brief aftershock of climax.

He waited until she had finished, then said, “So don’t talk to me about civilized. There is nothing civilized about you and me.”

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