Heeeeellloooooooooo sexy! Gibson De La Vega is the Bringer of the De La Vega jamboree. Basically he is in charge of justice and protecting his cats. When is faced with a rogue group of cats that entered the territory without permission and he sends them packing, he is attacked and shot at with silver bullets.

Mia Porter just happens to be around when he gets shot and she feels compelled to help him and save his life. Even though she didn’t know who he was. Of course that doesn’t make things easier once she finds out. The Porter and De La Vega family have old beef with each other. They are NOT friends.

Now Mia’s life is also in danger for helping him and he feels an overpowering need to protect her. She tough, ex military, and very much a kick ass heroine. She was attacked by shifter-hater group and is still recovering from her injuries, and may not ever completely heal, but she is still pushing through. When confronted with yet another group after her, no matter that it’s because of a De La Vega, she wants to help.Gibson is deliciously protective, sexy as sin, with his dreadlocks, nipple rings, tats, and oh my! Wicked! He wasn’t looking to imprint but their relationship just happened so naturally that it was the only thing that made sense. No matter that their families kind of hated each other. No matter that she is not a female he can leave home away from danger. He respects her and lets her do her job. And she in turn does that same for him.

Cade from Cascadia has a little cameo appearance in this book which was nice. Renee, Jack and Galen are also an important part of this book, since Gibson is very involved with his family. As far as conflict goes, there wasn’t a whole lot of action, but the story was still interesting with an unexpected twist at the end. Very much an enjoyable and sexy read.

*ARC provided by publisher

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