Sensual. Erotic. Sinful. Wicked. This book is all that and then some. Ms. Black met and exceeded all my expectations of Logan Edgington (a.k.a. MY future husband)! And let me tell you, they were pretty high.

From the first page this book grabbed my attention and didn’t lose it. Well, with the occasional required break for food or sleep that is. But of course, even then, all I could think about was Logan; all I would dream about was Logan. And how could I not? The man is perfect. He is seriously everything I want! The beautiful blue eyes, the Dom voice, the lickable tats, the maddening skills this man has to twist a woman around his finger. I would be at his feet!

Watch out Jack Cole, there’s a new Dom in town and I think I can safely say that if I had my choice, I’d want Logan! *gasp* Yes! Ladies and … well… ladies, Jack Cole has been dethroned! Logan will make your toe curls, your body tingle, and your eyes roll back. And leave you begging for more.

And don’t let his intense Dom persona fool you, there’s a big softie in there as well. I love that! He is a man in love who will do anything, give up everything and even risk his life for the ONE woman he’s always loved. And he shows it, he’s not afraid to say how he feels and to make his woman know that she is cherished.

And speaking of that one woman, Tara, or as he calls her Cherry, is a great heroine. She got dumped by the love of her teenage life after she gave him her virginity and yet here she is facing him, and letting him train her for her first field assignment as an FBI agent.

And yes, I said train her. Tara ends up at Club Dominion with her partner to receive training so they can infiltrate an event where girls are being abducted from to be sold as sex slaves. This hits home for Tara when the last agent that had gone in (her best friend) gets abducted. And she is assigned to the toughest Dom in the club. The one that can train the wild ones.

Tara is a submissive by nature and even though she fights Logan at times, their chemistry is undeniable, and she can’t fight it for long.

I have to admit I knew who the bad guy was as soon as that person first shows up in the book, but the storyline was still pretty suspenseful, I did not see the extent of the bad guys’ involvement in the plot, and especially towards the end, it was action packed, with lots of unexpected twists and turns.

Belong To Me also opens up a world of new characters and possibilities for the series. We’re introduced to Club Dominion, where Logan comes to play. All the testosterone flying around that place! I am especially intrigued to see what’s Xander’s story.

This book has truly brought back the series for me. This is truly Shayla Black at her best! If there’s someone out there that can write a truly erotic book, that someone is Ms. Black. Nobody does it better!

And now, how long do I have to wait for Tyler’s book? We have been waiting a long time, I’ve loved him since he first showed up in this series, and after Surrender To Me I’ve had an even softer spot for him. After reading the excerpt, I cannot wait! I can tell it’ll be action packed from the beginning and will throw his world upside down. I am ready for the ride!

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  1. Ah hell! My book arrived today and I can’t get to it for another couple of days. Dethrone Jack! Say it isn’t so! Jack is my first love. I just love this series. Like you, I too am waiting on Tyler’s book. Great review.

  2. Although I have not read the series, your review would have any new reader want to rush out and get the book, and the series, and start reading. Will have to do just that.

  3. I haven’t read any of this author but she is on my wishlist. I am going to have to get my hands on her books cause they sound great.

  4. Wow, what a great review. After this review, I have to move this book way up on the TBR list. I’m thinking the next book I read. Thanks so much.

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