Shelly Laurenston brings readers another fun-filled, outrageously funny and sexy book to add to the Pride series. BEAR MEETS GIRL is the seventh book in this series and it follows Marcella “Cella” Malone, a spirited feline shifter who is a pro hockey player for the Carnivores and is a protective agent the KZS. This means she will fight you bare-knuckled in and out of the ice ring. Hilarious antics ensue when Cella wakes up after a night of too many drinks in Lou “Crush” Crushek’s bed.

Crush, the uptight polar bear can’t remember the events of the night before and doesn’t know what to think when he wakes to find a feline wrapped around him. So he does what any polar bear would do. He kicks her out! And Cella makes it her life’s ambition to get Crush to loosen up a bit.

“Don’t you want my number?” she asked him. “Maybe the next time we could get drunk and then actually have sex. If you’re worried about the kid, I can put a little brandy in her milk bottle and she’ll be out like a light.”

Crush began to speak, but realized he would only say something completely inappropriate and mean, something he simply couldn’t bring himself to do. So instead he stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

It’s after this first scene of the book that all the fun stuff starts. Cella teases poor Crush whenever he sees her, curling up on him in front of his co-workers, Detective McDermot and the others. But to really tick him off, she spreads this rumor of Crush being her new boy toy. Hearing this news, Crush is less than estastic, mostly because it’s a complete LIE. But that doesn’t stop Cella at all.

In fact, she asks Crush for a favor, one involving him to attend an Ice Party with her family and pretend to be her boyfriend so that her aunts will stop their merry matchmaking every time she shows up alone. Crush agrees and though the chemistry was undeniable before, it ignites soon after this party.
One thing readers are guaranteed to get with this book (and any book in the Pride series) is the larger than life character interactions and jokes. Laurenston doesn’t hold back when she writes this series, it’s an all-or-nothing kind of thing and I love the outrageous characters and dialogue that are interspersed in this book.

I noticed that in this book, the sexy scenes were a little late. Usually there is some hot sex strewn about in the Pride books, but when you finally get to the sex scenes, they are worth it! Laurenston knows how to spice things up quick!

BEAR MEETS GIRL had me giggling and laughing out loud, leaving a permanent smile on my face even after I flipped that last page. So if that doesn’t entice you enough to pick up this book and read it, I don’t know what else would. With Shelly Laurenston, you are guaranteed a good time!

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  1. I adore this series and can’t wait to read this new one. Thanks for the review , I’ve got this on pre order and it definately sounds worth it!