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“BARE KNUCKLE will sizzle the panties right off of you!”
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BARE KNUCKLE marks the end of the Vegas Top Guns series. I have to admit I am sad to see it end. This is a smoking hot series and I’ve loved every second of it because it’s always new and over the top. It goes places where other erotic romances are scared to go sometimes.

Even though this installment is not as kinky as the past few books in the series, BARE KNUCKLE still holds a lot of appeal to me. I loved this particular kink! Eric “Kisser” is technically a voyeur and he expresses that by taking erotic pictures of women he’s been with, and some he hasn’t. Trish complements him perfectly because she’s an exhibitionist and revels in the fact that he’s taking pictures of video of her.

“Turn the viewfinder to me. I want to see the moment I swallow your come.”

Eric is just a bit uptight in this. He has recovered from his accident but he has a lot of hang ups. He has his scars and women are not flocking to him the way they used to before. His brother is in rehab and he’s back to moonlighting as a fighter to make extra money to pay for that. He immediately catches the attention of Trish, who is starting out as a ring girl. Trish has her own issues, coming from a broken family where her mother has always used her. She’s trying to make it in Vegas but after so many years, it’s not working out for her.

I really liked his intensity and all his leashed issues. He has such a good heart and at times doesn’t know how to handle those feelings and prefers to keep them bottled up. Trish on the other hand I wasn’t too sold on and I think my few issues with her were the reason why this wasn’t a 5 star read for me. She’s a bit too materialistic and self centered. I just didn’t agree with a lot of her reasoning. And there’s the fact that she threw in her ex-girlfriend in for a threesome that was really all about her. I wanted to see more of her taking care of Eric and including him, letting him in.

Still as hot as I’ve always expected from this series, BARE KNUCKLE will sizzle the panties right off of you!




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