“Tessa Bailey certainly delivers hot, dirty-talking alpha males every time. ” ~ Under the Covers

Julie Piper is one sweet girl. But Reed Lawson isn’t the type to walk away when he knows a woman is interested in him. As SWAT commander, Reed is used to going hard, but it seems that Julie might be the one woman who can handle him.

When they meet each other at a wedding and a mixup of room keys ends up with a tryst that burns white hot, Julie can no longer deny that she is attracted to Reed. With his dirty mouth and even filthier bedroom skills, Julie Piper soon becomes the luckiest girl in the world.

If you’ve read Tessa Bailey before then you know what to expect – a hotter than hell hero who will singe your fingers. Simply put, Reed is hot. But I feel like Bailey is starting to get comfortable with her heroes. A lot of them seem taken from the same mould and there’s not a lot of difference to them when you compare them side by side. I’m hoping that Bailey will add some variation to her heroes so that loyal readers have something to look forward to each time they reach for one of her books.

That being said, BAITING THE MAID OF HONOR is still a fun and sexy read. Tessa Bailey certainly delivers hot, dirty-talking alpha males every time.

*ARC provided by publisher

Dare to ResistBook 0.5 falling for the groomsmenBook 1 baiting the maid of honorBook 2 seducing the bridemaidBook 3
best man with beneiesBook 4

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