“… if you like some anger and angst with a lot of sexual tension, then you will enjoy BAD ROMEO.” ~ Under the Covers

I will be completely honest, I was sold on this when I read the blurb.  It sounded so interesting I couldn’t pass it up.  What I quickly found was the type of new adult that can easily get on my nerves, though.  I still pushed through because a spark of interest was lit.

BAD ROMEO goes back and forth in time telling us the story of Cassie and Ethan.  They met in acting school, had what you can assume to be a turbulent past, and in present day have to work together for a play.  Cassie wants nothing to do with Ethan now, and Ethan wants her back.

This book had plenty of moments I enjoyed and quite a few that were a bit frustrating.  The chemistry was one of those good moments.  It keeps this story riding on a high.  There’s plenty of sexual tension, and frustration.  This was one of my favorite things because it doesn’t rush to that sexual finish line.  The build up is very enjoyable.

But I have to complain about something that annoys me in general.  And this is a personal preference that I’ve complained about before.  The hero that thinks he’s so guilty for something that happened in his past that he could never be good enough to another woman.  When that thinking happens, I expect a good backstory.  And I feel like the one in this book was very weak.  It made no sense that he would feel that way to me.

All that aside, if you like some anger and angst with a lot of sexual tension, then you will enjoy BAD ROMEO.  A lot.  That’s the core of this book.  And this is not a story that ends in book 1.  Yes, there’s a cliffhanger and you will have to read the next one.  I know I will because now I have to know how this all ends.




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  1. Yes! Yes to everything in this review! I had high hopes but I felt like the back story was wear. I know it’s a duology but come on, I got nothing from the first book. I’ll read the second book because I’m intrigued but I expected a lot more