“Suede has penned a beautiful, heartbreaking, and very poignant story in BAD IDEA.” ~Under the Covers

Some mistakes are worth making.

What a poignant and profound tagline. Trip Spector is an introverted comic book artist who lives his life without risk. Although not fulfilled or entirely happy, he does work for his boss, Cliff – a friend of sorts, someone Trip is hopelessly attracted to although he seems to be straight – as Cliff deems it should be done, while Trip puts any of his hopes and aspirations as an artist on the back burner.

While joining his dearest friends, Jillian and Rina, on a zombie run in New York City, Trip runs into one of the most beautiful zombies Trip has ever seen, Silas Goolsby. Silas is an FX makeup artist, sometimes barely making ends meet, but mostly doing what he loves for a living.

Sparks fly the instant Trip and Silas meet. Neither is used to the feelings each has, and they find themselves in unknown territory. Neither man dates. They each go after what it is they need at the time, but everything is short-lived. Until they meet, that is.

While Trip and Silas are different in so many ways, they also have commonality that bring them together beautifully. Trip walks the straight and narrow, is socially awkward, afraid of risk, and mostly secludes himself from life. Silas, on the other hand, goes after what he wants, jumping into life with both feet and without looking back. It is those differences in each man that make them so compatible for each other. At the same time, they have quite a bit in common as well. They are both artists, in fields that are some-what related, and they are both nerds in their own right, with similar interests in superheroes, comics, and movies that help to bring them together.

Then there is the sexual chemistry between Mr. Spector and Mr. Goolsby, which is off-the-charts scorching! While built like an incredible alpha male, Silas is actually a hard core bottom, which totally jives with Trip’s love of topping and sexual domination. It’s ironic how Trip comes off as meek in daily living, but close the doors and give him a bottom who likes to be bossed around, and Trip’s strong side comes out and loves to play. And Suede can write some seriously uber-hot sex scenes that burn the page and melt my Kindle! His prose in describing the love scenes is as raw as it is beautiful.

Suede has penned a beautiful, heartbreaking, and very poignant story in BAD IDEA. I loved watching the relationship between Trip and Silas grow over time. It wasn’t insta-love, and it took some hard work for the men to get to a point where they found themselves in a full-on relationship. Silas was one of the most giving characters I’ve had the pleasure to read – sexy, witty, funny, and selfless. And there were times that I wanted to slap Trip silly because he didn’t know how to deal with all that he was being given. As such, they had issues with communication, but they were able to overcome a lot of that with some time and experience. They find themselves at a crossroads, though, when Silas takes a large risk for Trip, and Trip is torn on whether to make the jump or not. Is it is a mistake worth making? I won’t divulge…you’ll have to read it and find out.

Overall, I just loved BAD IDEA. Suede’s writing and prose speak to me. The imagery and detail he provides are so unique and vivid. His characters are not perfect, but are wonderful, and he has penned an excellent supporting cast as well. There is love, and there are hurdles to overcome. Love is not easy, but it is worth the effort it takes to get there. The only drawback I found in BAD IDEA was that there were some scenes where I stumbled upon inconsistencies mostly in set up and action. There were a couple of times where the characters were situated one way (e.g., sitting), but then they moved and were where I thought they were to begin with (e.g., sitting again). I was pulled out of the story for a moment trying to find where there was a change (e.g., stood up), but couldn’t.

Without getting too personal, BAD IDEA was poignant on so many levels. It was a story of two amazing men trying to find their way as a couple. And it was also a cathartic and profound step for Suede as an author. He has told the tale repeatedly of how difficult writing HARD HEAD has been for him, the sequel to HOT HEAD, his best-selling book straight out of the gate as a m/m romance author, so BAD IDEA was his answer to overcoming that difficulty and letting his creativity flow. In the book, he writes in cameos of people within the m/m romance community who helped him even without knowing it. Francesca and I are both very lucky UTC ladies to have been given such cameos. Of course, I squeed every time I read our names in the book, but there is so much more to it than that. Like Silas gave Trip the inspiration to create a comic of his own – Scratch – Suede has told the story of how he was given inspiration by his close friends and family to write BAD IDEA. I, for one, am so glad that he did.

Lastly, I leave you with some of my very favorite quotes from BAD IDEA. I had tons, but these are just a few I wanted to share:

Always bet on the nerd.

“You make everyone brave. You don’t even know, but you do.”

“Not porno. It’s graphic and there’s sex, but it’s not just pee-pees and woo-woos. Or wee-wees and poo-poos.”

“If you love life, life will love you back.”

“I hate to say it, but I’m simply not gonna take no for an answer. It’s a trick I learned from an Alabama boy I fell in love with so hard…”

*ARC provided by author

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  1. You’re killing me! I have this on my TBR list but I haven’t purchased it yet because I have so many books already queued up. I might have to rearrange my list a little after reading your review. Thanks!