ARC Review: Bad Girl Therapy by Cathryn Fox

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ARC Review: Bad Girl Therapy by Cathryn Fox
Bad Girl Therapy
Book Info

Released: December 18, 2012
Series: Boys of Beachville #3
Pages: 80

“…it’ll put you in the “right mood”.”
~ Under the Covers

I like this series because it always manages to deliver a very hot and engaging story while still being short.  I find them perfect for in between full length and maybe a bit heavier books because it’ll put you in the “right mood” *wink wink*.

So the third story is about Cole Landon, pro soccer player, who is currently injured and in need of physical therapy so that he can hopefully go back to his job fully recovered.  He’s the guy from the wrong side of the tracks, soccer has given him a certain status that he didn’t think he would ever get.  And maybe that’s why he feels now he can get the attention of girls he wouldn’t have been able to think about when he was younger.

And first on that list is Haley Jones.  His high school crush who was always out of his league.  Except now that she’s his therapist, he may have a chance.

Once Haley and Cole come together, they are hot and heavy….Did I mention hot?  I liked the fact that there was some previous history at least of the attraction in the past, because that always makes these short stories more believable to me.  Ms. Fox usually is good at that and this series always featured this type of scenario.

Then there’s the fact that I really liked Cole.  He’s tough and alpha, self made, he’s fought to be where he’s at and improve himself.  And he’s now going full force ahead for what he wants.  Haley.

I’m not sure if this series ends here or if there will be more shorts to come.  Even though this might’ve not been my favorite of the three, I’ve had a great time reading each one of these stories and can’t wait to see what Ms. Fox comes up with next.





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About Cathryn Fox

I've been reading romance novels for as long as I can remember. I just never thought I'd be writing them. In fact, I graduated from university with a business degree and started working in the Finance Department of Environment Canada...shiver. A few years into my career, my hubby, who's a meteorologist, got posted up north, population 800. I quit my job and went with him. At first all the spare time was great, then I got bored so I started to read. Day and night. When I ran out of books to read I decided to try writing one. After all, how hard could it be. Ha!! Well, you guessed it. It was hard!

Many years later I discovered Romance Writers of America and have learned a great deal since joining my local chapter. My journey to publication hasn't been smooth sailing, but with the support and guidance from the wonderful writers at RWAC, it's been a lot easier. And a lot more fun!


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  1. Francesca, I totally agree about needing a shorter story sometimes in between those longer reads. I still remember reading Ken Follet’s (over 900 pages) Pillars of the Earth…it took me awhile to pick up a heavy book after that.
    I think I may have read at least one of Catheryn’s books–I’ll keep her in mind for a quickie, lol.
    Thanks for the post.

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