APOLLYON was like climbing a mountain, tough in the beginning but an exhilarating experience in the end. ~ Under the Covers

APOLLYON is the fourth book in the highly anticipated Covenant series. Now if you haven’t read ELIXIR, the free short that’s available here, then STOP!!! Because you won’t have a clue of what’s going on. APOLLYON starts off right where ELIXIR ends and I can’t stress enough the importance of reading the free short before this. It’s free so there shouldn’t be a big hassle on getting your hands on it.

Alex is still being watched like a hawk by Aiden in the concealed areas she is confined to. She is still connected to Seth, essentially her other – evil – half. Aiden holds Alex in his heart and Alex is trying to her best get out to find Seth. However, after a surprise visit from an old friend and some help from another good friend through compulsion, Alex finds her way out and runs for her life. Something crazy happens and – poof!- she finds herself separated from Seth and thinking clearly from his influence. Though Aiden believes in Alex 100%, not everyone else does and they are just waiting for the one moment with Seth finds Alex once again.

APOLLYON has its ups and downs. I found that Armentrout has a pattern. She starts of her books slow, building with each increment towards the end until BAM! She hits you with a load of action and suspense. What’s great is that at the end, readers are usually a puddle of goo and are still trying to recover. However, that in contrast makes the beginning feel very, very slow. For me, it was like I was climbing a mountain, tough in the beginning but an exhilarating experience in the end.

Seth and Aiden are the two main heroes whom Alex is stuck in the middle of. Alex and Aiden truly love each other and you definitely get a sense of that. However, I was missing that excitement that the initial books of the series had. Both Seth and Aiden are interesting characters, but in this book, Aiden is stepping up as the main man. But for some reason, I haven’t completely jumped on board. He seems like the perfect match for Alex. I must have missed the ship on that one because everyone seems to adore him and I’m still trying to convince myself that it’s right.

There are plenty of gods in this book. Armentrout definitely kicks things up in terms of the mythology and the plot, which definitely makes it feel like a very rich experience. I did notice that the author likes to tell, instead of show the events as they transpire, but I think that’s because so much more happens than Alex can pick up.

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