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“…funny at times, sexy at others, but enthralling every step of the way.  I did not want to look away from the magic they were making together.”
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Tessa Dare’s stories always shoot up to the top of my favorites lists.  All the time.  Every time.  ANY DUCHESS WILL DO is the perfect example of the beautiful stories she can weave and how much she can suck you into the worlds in her head.  She has a talent for storytelling like very few other authors have these days in historical romance.

Griff and Pauline are extraordinary characters.  They both felt real and I immediately took a like to them.  Griff is the perfect hero for us readers that crave a damaged hero to “fix” and Pauline was the perfect fix.  He’s the big Duke that won’t get married, but is not a rake any longer either.  Things that happened in his past have changed him completely.  Then his mother kidnaps him and takes him to Spindle Cove to literally “pick” a wife from a room full of women.

Of course Griff just wants to make his mother miserable and picks the less likely to be able to pass as a duchess.  The barmaid.  Pauline Simms is the daughter of a farmer, a girl with a big heart who just wants to take care of her sister.  She’s strong and selfless a lot of times.

The adventures these two got in where funny at times, sexy at others, but enthralling every step of the way.  I did not want to look away from the magic they were making together.

Now as a personal note and request to the author here….We want and need more Spindle Cove!  This is one of my favorite series and I can’t make myself understand that there won’t be any more.  Please keep writing.

Favorite Quote:

He did not want to share her with a sofa or a carpet, or even something so slight as a chair.




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  1. This really sounds great! Can’t wait till I catch up on the books – it will be bittersweet since this is the last one but still…lol

      1. I say looking ahead is always amazing. Her books just keep getting better and better… Maybe something new and exciting is on that horizon!!!