“Eden is great with her story telling of the paranormal world as she is amazing in the romantic suspense.” ~Under the Covers

Eden is great with her story telling of the paranormal world as she is amazing in the romantic suspense. I am a big fan of her The Fallen series which has a great story line, world building, lots of action and great romance.  She delivered all that and then some in this novel.

Juliana James is the daughter of a crooked and a greedy Senator, Aaron James.  Due to his corrupted dealings with a weapons dealer (Diego Guerrero), Juliana’s life is threatened and kidnapped until the Senator gives Guerrero what he wants. Desperate to save her life, he contacted Elite Ops Division who specializes in just what he needs. They are a “…group, a hybrid formed of recruited nave SEALS, Rangers and intelligence officers from the FBI and CIA” and they specialize in hostage retrieval.  However, Logan Quinn is a member the Senator did not expect to see.

Logan and Juliana are not strangers; in fact, they were very close at one time. They had a heart breaking past but as tragic as it is, fate had brought them together and perhaps given a second chance to mend what was broken. I love Logan. He is your twentieth century alpha male and Julie plays a very independent heroine. Both their characters are well developed and believable. And because of their past relationship, their romance did not feel rushed at all.

Alpha One is a fast paced, action packed story and full of unexpected twists. This novel definitely had a Swat movie feel to it with a hint of romance and family drama.  I cannot wait to get more of this series especially Jasper and hopefully Gunner!  Thank you Ms. Eden for another enthralling read!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. This looks good. I cannot wait to read this. I have several of Ms. Eden’s books on my TBR pile already. I might try this one first.