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We are back in Destiny, Ohio! Well, sorta. For a time anyway.

ALL I WANT IS YOU marks the first book in Toni Blake’s new Coral Cover series. As the book begins in Destiny where Christy Knight is feeling the financial pinch, readers feel the immediate connection to her losses and her dire situation. Christy had to drop out of school in her second to last semester because her family back home suffered from a fire, killing her family as well as burning down everything that belonged to her. Without insurance, Christy was left with nothing and was forced to work, trying to stay afloat. However, her grandfather in Florida is suffering his own financial problems and because his home takes such great care of him, Christy wants to do something to help her granddaddy who is her only remaining family left.

Christy comes up with a plan and it’s to lure a rich man into her life. Hopefully, it will help her but when her first date goes terribly wrong and her neighbour is there to witness it all, Christy is quickly loosing hope.

While the quest to snatch a rich man trope isn’t my favourite, nor does it come off as very romantic at first, I found that Toni Blake makes it work regardless. One of the things I adore about Blake’s writing is that she is so readily able to pour her heart into her books. There is so much emotion, whether its sympathy for Christy’s bad situation or if it’s the same sadness that Jack experiences when he thinks about his wife. You end up feeling it all.

What I also love about Blake’s books is that there always seems to be an underling message through everything she writes. There’s a life lesson, a realization that the characters experience that mimic the ways of real life and that to me what makes her books stand out. They are sexy, entertaining Contemporary Romances, but I feel like after reading this book, you also feel enlightened about love and life in general as well. I haven’t ever encountered another author who does this as well as Toni Blake does.

Here’s a quote that perfectly describes what I mean:

“Life is all about balance. And walking on the tightrope is really just a metaphor for life. It’s…a balance of putting yourself at risk and keeping yourself upright at the same time. It’s about the discipline to teach yourself to do the impossible. Anybody can walk on a tightrope if they’re brave enough and dedicated enough. Anybody can learn to do the impossible – if they want it bad enough. I just wanted it bad enough. So what’s impossible for you?”

How can you read that and not walk away inspired by Toni Blake’s words?

ALL I WANT IS YOU is a beautifully written, heartfelt story of strength, bravery, trust and love. If you’re looking for a book that is more than just a classic romance, then the Coral Cove series is for you.

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