I have rated A Brush of Darkness and A Sliver of Shadow 5 stars and now another well deserved 5 stars for A Trace of Moonlight. Ms. Pang has kept me engaged with every twist and turn she had created for this installment. I found myself either covering my mouth with surprise and excitement, or clutching my chest with sorrow from the turn of events.

This book takes off shortly after the A Sliver of Shadow had ended. Abby had sacrificed herself to save the ones she loves. Isn’t that always the case with her? She is a strong heroine but she seems to put herself on the line each time. Everything she does is for the “otherworld” or her friends or her lovers and never taking any for herself. The result of her sacrifice (this time around), left her with amnesia, separated from her world, gravely injured and married to Talivar. From book one, Abby just keeps getting her ass kicked and always left with heartache or unresolved issues. One thing is for sure, she may not be a kick ass heroine but a strong one indeed.

The love triangle between Abby, Brystion, and Talivar continues however, at the end of this book, it is clear whom she will pick. She may be torn between two lovers, love and lust them equally but her heart, and soul only belongs to one man. These kind of relationships are never easy and no one ever walks away unscathed. I really felt bad for Talivar. I feel like Abby was stringing Talivar along until Ion comes back. Poor guy, my heart ached for him. He loved Abby so much that he is willing to take what he can get no matter how little or much it hurts to see her with another. I’m glad Ms. Pang finally gave this disfigured Prince the long overdue and well deserved recognition.

I have been team Brystion from the start and I still am. He is super sexy, super talented, but he can be selfish and demanding. Now that he finally found love, he thinks he is undeserving of Abby’s love. Oh but he is dead wrong because love is not given because one deserves it, it is freely given because of what one feels for the other. And Abby feels deeply for him. No amnesia or even death can change that.

I am thrilled with how this book ended. Many issues were solved and some uncertainties were revealed. It is clear that Abby, Brystion and Talivar has grown and had began to accept what they are to each other and the world around them. The battle between the Seellie and Unseelie court seems to be ending. However, something tells me this is not the end of this world. Many avenues are left open for possibilities of a spin off or more installments to this series *crossing fingers*

Ms. Pang has an amazingly vivid imagination and she has me invested in all her characters and the plot of this story. If you have not read the first two books, I highly suggest you do so. There is just so much that you would be robbing yourself of a good read.

*ARC provided by publisher

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