“A SWEET MESS delivered on the foodie vibes I was looking for.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been excited about reading this book since it landed on my doorstep because a) the cover is great, b) the blurb sounded fun and c) I’m a sucker for foodie romances!

A SWEET MESS delivered on the foodie vibes I was looking for.  In fact, it made me extremely hungry!  And that’s the mark of a good foodie romance if you ask me.  I also really liked the heroine.  She’s determined, passionate and focused on achieving her goals and that certainly made me like her a lot.  And even forgive some of her preconceived ideas about love and relationships that she made based on her parents marriage.  Then there’s the hero.  They can’t act on their attraction because he wrote a bad review of her bakery and now he’s trying to make amends but if people find out they’re together it would look terribly for both work-wise. With all that, and the fact he’s also a caring type of guy, he certainly made plenty of mistakes and was saying the wrong thing ALL THE TIME.  So I couldn’t quite fall in love with him.  But I do think he’s a good match for our heroine.

I wasn’t expecting the fade to black intimate scenes.  There was one moment in particular where they were about to have sex and they stop to ask questions about family and their past.  It gave me whiplash and it didn’t feel like it made sense for the flow of the story at that point and more like a forced conversation because the characters needed to know facts.  I would’ve loved to see more actual development in both of their family backgrounds because I do think they played an integral part in who they were as people now and those aspects were just on the periphery of the story.

Overall though, this was a bit sweeter than I was expecting.  That’s a good thing and a perfect trait for summery romances so if you’re looking for that kind of light hearted and sweet romance to read by the pool then this will be great.  Make sure you have snacks and drinks handy.


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