A SEASON FOR SIN is more of a series prologue, meant to tease readers and give them a glimpse of what’s to come.  This is a sort of spin off series of her How To series and we had previously met Bell.  Now that his mistress left him for another man, at least when he was about to send her packing himself, he is trolling the parties and operas for a good woman to pass the time with.  A woman that wouldn’t question his loose morals and his needs.

What he finds is not what he expected.  He finds a proper young lady who is a widow after her older husband died.  She is also in charge of her stepson, who is a train wreck waiting to happen.

Not what Bell was looking for at all, especially not when she’s a respectable woman, but he can’t deny the attraction and sets to woe her.  Their book should be fun to read.

As always around Bell you can expect to find chaos and mayhem, he meets some new pals in this short that were highly entertaining and I can’t wait to see what troubles they get into together.

This is not meant to be a standalone novella.  There is no resolution to their conflict just the very beginning and tease of what their story will be. It will leave you wanting more.  More Dreiling, more Bell and more scoundrels.

*ARC provided by publisher

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