A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME is the first book in a new series called The First Rule of Scoundrels. In this book, the Marquess of Bourne lost everything but his title in a gaming hell. His land, servants, clothes, everything was taken away from him. So Michael vows revenge; his aim to one day retrieve everything that was taken away from him.

Ten years later, Michael is now one of the owners of London’s most exclusive gaming hell. His life holds excitement and success, but there is still one thing that Michael wants desperately. He wants his land back. And he will do anything to gain it.

However, when he learns that his land is now owned by The Marquess of Needham and Dolby and will be added to Lady Penelope Marbury’s dowry, Michael makes it his personal goal to marry Penelope, just so he can gain back his land.

For most of the book, Michael aka Bourne was a jerk. There were moments when I could appreciate his determination and ruthless perusal of something that was rightfully his, however, I did not see the reason why he was so mean to Penelope sometimes. They have a history. They were childhood friends who wrote letters to each other until their youth. These letters scattered throughout the book were sweet and highly entertaining, sometimes bringing a smile to my lips as I read them. But it was because of these letters that I felt that Penelope was often mistreated by Bourne. How could he totally disregard her after all they have been through?

I am having a difficult time rating this book because there were scenes in this book that were brilliant, just absolutely thrilling and engaging. However, I did feel that towards the middle of the book, it lost some of its allure. The pacing wasn’t always consistent, sometimes brilliant and sometimes a little lacklustre.

But it was Penelope that really made this book for me. I loved her attitude towards life. She was quite sheltered, had a broken engagement and several disappointing courtships, but she was always open to anything. And that’s a quality that I have to admire in a heroine.

And, as she stood there, staring into the darkness, thinking on her future, she realized just how little she wanted a quiet life of pastel colors and quadrilles and tepid lemonade.
She wanted more.
The word whispered through her thoughts on a wave of sadness.

Penelope was such a selfless woman, putting her own happiness on hold so that Bourne and her sisters could live the life they wanted. She would really wager it all for them. But the question is, would Bourne wager his heart for her?

Sarah MacLean continues to enchant readers with her writing. As the first book in a new series, the First Rule of Scoundrels looks promising. Who can deny a scoundrel of what he wants? It’s as they say, “What a scoundrel wants, a scoundrel gets…”

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  1. I’ve read some of her other books and they were so amusing. This storyline sounds pretty good too though I’m with you- no picking on the nice girl, guy!

    Thanks for sharing your review!