For fans of the In Death series with a dash of Outlander, this will be the book for you!


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You know I pick up anything Kelley Armstrong writes. I’ve been a huge fan of her paranormal stories years back and more recently even her gothic mystery romances. I picked up this book thinking it was in some way related to those. So first let me say, this is a new series and it has nothing to do with that. So go into this expecting a whole new story and not like me. That being said, I quickly jumped into this story and was hooked from the start.

Our heroine Mallory is a homicide detective in today’s time. While out for a jog she hears a woman being attacked and finds herself the likely victim of a serial killer. Except she doesn’t die and instead wakes up in 1869 in the body of a young housemaid in Victorian Scotland and serving an undertaker who also moonlights as a medical examiner. After the shock, she tries to get back to her time by helping him solve a series of crimes.

I had so much fun with this time travel mystery. And if I’m honest, I loved the slow burn of the “romance”. There is no actual romance in this book, but it is being setup for something to happen in the series I think (or I hope). Perfectly executed. The characters have a lot in common but also undeniable chemistry even when they shouldn’t be attracted to each other. And there’s a great cast of supporting characters in this one as well.

For fans of the In Death series with a dash of Outlander, this will be the book for you! I personally can’t wait to read more from this series.

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