“Victorian women in STEM is a romance sub-genre I will gladly get behind.”

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“Everyone knew a woman’s place was in charge, if you want something done right.”

A Perfect Equation, the second book in Elizabeth Everett’s Secret Scientists of London series, picks up about a year after the events of A Lady’s Formula for Love. When Violet and Arthur Kneland have need to leave London, Violet has to leave someone in charge of Athena’s Retreat while they’re gone. Enter Miss Letitia Fenley and Lord William Hughes, the Viscount of Greycliff. Both have their own reasons for protecting the women’s social club. And both can’t stand the other. But just as quickly as their truce unravels, it can be stitched together again with unspoken words, soft caresses, and truths revealed. As outside forces threaten the ladies’ secret society and a ghost from Letty’s past returns to threaten her dreams, Letty and Grey will find themselves unexpectedly on the same side – and in each other’s hearts.

I loved Violet and Arthur’s story in A Lady’s Formula for Love, so I was excited to see where the story went as Everett focused on new main characters. That being said, readers will really want to read the first book before embarking on A Perfect Equation. While the main characters are different, Everett frequently mentioned prior events and referenced things even the secondary characters did in the previous novel. While readers can follow Letty and Grey’s romance without having read the first book, much of the little details and throwaway comments from the characters will be lost on any reader who hasn’t read A Lady’s Formula for Love.

I really enjoyed Grey and Letty as main characters. Letty has a no-nonsense, take no prisoners attitude when it comes to men in general, but her hackles were more than raised the second Grey entered a room. Everett created such palpable tension between the two that you just knew it was going to be explosive if they ever gave into their chemistry. I thought Everett did a fantastic job fleshing out their stories; Letty and Grey’s lives might have crossed paths in the past, but that history played out so well in this book. There is a very strong misunderstanding/misinformation trope running throughout their story, so fans of that trope will especially love watching Grey and Letty get together.

Everett’s writing continues to be entertaining and socially aware. I absolutely love this series for the strong and intelligent women it features, women who are at the front of their science and mathematics fields. Women who are on the forefront of advancement, yet have to fight society for their spot. Victorian women in STEM is a romance sub-genre I will gladly get behind.

There are plenty of things to love about A Perfect Equation: strong women who know their rightful place, entertaining scenarios for pretty much every character, and some great representation. If you enjoy historical romance as well as smart (and sharp) women in STEM, this newest release from Elizabeth Everett will surely be an entertaining read for you.

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