“I think that sense of community and family is something Ms. Michaels writes so well and one of the reasons I read her books.”

~ Under the Covers

I normally would love everything about all the tropes in this book. Small town romance, childhood crush and friends to lovers. Delia is actually Josh’s brothers’ best friend and she’s had the biggest crush on him since she was 15. Somehow through all these years they’ve managed to still be friends but he never allowed things to cross a line. And while Delia is looking to eventually find Mr. Right, maybe she can work Mr. Right Now out of her system. But fate had different plans.

Individually I really enjoyed both characters. Delia is a pretty normal woman but I like that she was in a good place in her life, didn’t need a man but was also still determined and straight forward to get what she wanted once she made a decision. Josh suffered a bit from that tortured past hero that thinks he’s no good for any woman. I knew there would be a tragic story coming for sure but I still got annoyed with his hesitation a lot of the time.

The chemistry between them was there and they were certainly steamy together while also delving into more emotional and heartbreaking topics. Triggers for this book would be spoilery, but I would recommend seeking them out if you have a concern. You can always message me. I think Ms. Michaels handled those topics well.

However the pacing of this story was a bit lackluster. I just didn’t feel the push and pull of the conflict besides the fact that they could’ve opened up sooner and started working through some of Josh’s reservations sooner. Everything was throwing them together! So there was some frustration for me with the story because of it and that definitely affected my enjoyment and flow while reading this story.

Overall, I love stories about families and even though I haven’t read any of the previous books in the series I wasn’t lost and I still found the introduction of those family members added value to this story. Also, we get to see those side characters here and care for them even if we didn’t read their HEA. I think that sense of community and family is something Ms. Michaels writes so well and one of the reasons I read her books.


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