ARC Review: A Lick of Flame by Cathryn Fox

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ARC Review: A Lick of Flame by Cathryn Fox
A Lick of Flame
Book Info

Released: September 18, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 105



After reading the first book in this series, I went into this one expecting one thing…quick, sexy, fun.  And for the most part that is exactly what A LICK OF FLAME was.  But I also like to have a little bit of a romantic connection and that aspect of this story wasn’t as developed as I would’ve liked.

Madison Kelly was a cop until she was almost killed in the line of duty.  Sean Adams, local firefighter and her lifelong crush, was the one to rescue her that fateful night.  From then on she’s been recovering, working security and dealing with the fact she now has a huge scar down the side of her face.  Constant reminder that she almost died and constant reminder that she’s a survivor.  But on the bad days, constant reminder that she has no business lusting after a man as perfect as Sean.

With the whole Boys of Beachville calendar thing going on, she’s been hired as Sean’s bodyguard/security since he has a crazy/stalkerish fan who has gotten a bit creepy.

This whole setup worked wonderfully for me until things went from 0 to 120.  One minute Madison is simply his security detail and saying how they’ve never really even talked (even as teenagers) then he sees her at the local bar says a few sweet nothings in her ear and takes her to the rooftop to have sex.  Not that I have anything against hot rooftop sex against the railing, absolutely not, but I thought something was missing to convince me that these two should actually be talking about sex and more importantly relationships after we’ve determined they’ve only said a few words to each other their whole lives.

The author also adds in the element of suspense (just a dash) with the stalker that goes after Sean and Madison but it was pretty obvious who it was.  I almost wished that it would’ve been someone else at the end of the day to have a surprise twist.

But in the end, I enjoyed this story.  It was fun and sexy and I can’t wait for the next!

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