“…heartwarming read that is perfect for a cold winter evening.”

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A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass was the first book I finished this year and I recommend picking it up if you are looking for a light read to brighten up what can be a very dreary season. A mix of small town mystery and contemporary romance, it reminded me a lot of the Ex Hex by Erin Sterling as well as Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

A Letter to Three Witches starts off with three cousins, Milo, Gwen and Trudy receiving an ominous letter from their conniving cousin, Tannith. In this letter Tannith explains that she is leaving their small town and will be taking one of her cousins’ significant others with her. Milo, Gwen and Trudy are of course anxious to figure out who’s significant other is being targeted. And it doesn’t help matters that Trudy seems to be dabbling with magic, which the entire family is forbidden to do. Or the fact that grad student, Jeremy seems to be watching the three cousins quiet closely, especially Gwen. Can the cousins save their relationships from Tannith? And the better question is, do they want to?

I found A Letter to Three Witches to be highly entertaining reading. The story is told from the POV of Gwen, one of the three cousins and Griz, Tannith’s black cat familiar. I found both POVs incredibly enjoyable. Gwen’s POV was obviously more relatable especially when it came to some of the challenges she was facing such as a bit of an identity crisis and coming to terms with a relationship not going the way she would have liked. And Griz’s POV had me in stiches as I think many people would agree that it is both strange and funny to imagine how our pets might view our lives.

The plot itself was a mix of mystery, romance and comedy. The cousins spend the majority of the story trying to figure out what Tannith’s agenda is and how to put a stop to it. At the same time, Tannith’s plotting forces them to tackle their latent magical powers and their place in the magical community as witches who are forbidden from practicing due to a mishap that occurred almost a hundred years ago. Reading about how the cousins find themselves in one magical mishap after the other and attempt to use a combination of social media, a spell book and some old fashioned chemistry was just hilarious. And the romance, whether it was a cousin finding new love or rekindling the romance with his/her partner, was heartwarming. Be prepared for multiple “Aw” moments.

Overall, this is a heartwarming read that is perfect for a cold winter evening.

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