Elijah Reynolds is one sexy as hell lycan (wish I could take him home).  After the lycans rebeled and left Adrian, Elijah fell into the Alpha role.  He’s the strongest and a natural leader.  And that is what Syre wants him on his side.  So he sends Vashti, his second in command, to form an alliance with the lycan rebel alpha.Vashti’s mate had been killed by a lycan and Elijah was set up to take that fall and be blamed.  Then Vashti killed Elijah’s brother.  But since A TOUCH OF CRIMSON Elijah has wanted Vashti even though he shouldn’t have.  They are all wrong for each other but their attraction is more powerful than any of these things.

Vashti (LOOOOOOVE HER!) is a very strong female to an even stronger male.  She hasn’t been with anyone since her mate but even then no one has made her feel and want like Elijah.  They hunger for each other in the most primal way.  It’s hot and I didn’t want it to end!!!

And this book is not just an amazing couple, the story actually progressed a lot in this book.  I was surprised by some developments and I really can’t wait to see what the last installment in this trilogy has in store.  We even had some Adrian and Lindsay in this story.

This has been an amazing year for Sylvia Day books for me and this one was no exception.  Action packed, story driven, sensual and raw.  An un-put-downable story!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Maria, yes the cover is awesome but then again all the covers in this series are.

    Sophia, hope you get to read it soon!

    Underworld LA, I would say this could work as a standalone but I would say it works better if you read A TOUCH OF CRIMSON because the main conflict going on with the infected vamps and the shifters that rebelled started in that book so I think you would be missing some background info on the plot.