“ANYTHING BUT BROKEN is packed full of angst and lies and the process to uncover and work through that to get to an HEA.”
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Well this is certainly different!  Many may know this writing duo as Kit Rocha or Moira Rogers, but here they are again writing together and bringing a very different type of story.  The Hurricane Creek series is pretty much standard new adult.  That could be good for some, and not so great for others.  ANYTHING BUT BROKEN is packed full of angst and lies and the process to uncover and work through that to get to an HEA.

Hannah hasn’t come back to Hurricane Creek for years.  She never came back home when her sister died.  And now she’s home after her parents died.  To deal with a house that brings nothing but bad memories, lies and the ghosts of the past to her.  Dealing with all that and the fact that she no longer has the pressure of her parents to keep up appearances leave her unsettled about her future and what she should do next.

There to help her figure things out is Sean, her sister’s ex-boyfriend.  Eeeekkkk.  But it’s not as creepy as you may think.  It’s been years since her sister died, and they had a rocky relationship.  Hannah always had a crush on her older sisters’ boyfriend, so having him show any interest on her now is everything she ever hoped for.  But there are many secrets and lies between them before they can make it go.

I enjoyed Sean and Hannah together, they had great chemistry both as friends and as lovers.  He’s the wild to her tamed.  She’s the rich girl from a “reputable” family and he’s the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, with tattoos and a liking for motor oil.  But he fits dirtying her up.  I enjoyed that.

I did find the story a bit too angsty for my liking and when the big reveals came they felt anticlimactic at times.  The pace of the story was also a bit slow at times, which made me lose interest about half way through, only to get back into it later on.

What I loved?  The aspect of Sean owning his own auto repair shop and the fact that he also races cars.  But this wasn’t a big focus of the book, more like a side thing and that left me a bit disappointed.  I hope it gets explored more in future books in this series.

The side characters in this book (Sean and Hannah’s best friends Gibb and Evie) leave the next book perfectly setup and have left me definitely wanting more!



I don’t stay in bed. By the time Sean comes knocking on Evie’s front door, I’ve washed my face, brushed my teeth, and torn through my room, kicking dirty clothes into the closet and wondering how I made such a damn mess when I don’t even have all my things with me.​

I’m at the door before I remember I forgot to change, and it’s too late now. So I answer the door in my pajamas—cotton shorts and a tank top that feels transparent right now.

“Hey. Come on in.”

“Good morning.” He actually did something, one of the bright blue boxes from the bakery down the street from the boutique, and he hands it to me as he walks in.

“Thank you.” I carry the box into the living room, where my quilting supplies are spread out on the floor in front of the TV. Evie helped me sort scraps last night, and I went to bed without putting anything away. “Are you thirsty? I can make coffee, or we have some Cokes.”

“The bakery thinks of everything.” He tilts his head toward the box, and I open it to find two covered cups of coffee nestled inside along with the pastries.

“You’re going to spoil me,” I tell him as I sit on the couch. The coffee table is another of those pieces that looks either cosmetically distressed or lovingly salvaged—only now I know which. Evie finds them at flea markets and yard sales, dropping ten dollars on pieces of furniture no one wants, only to turn around and make them beautiful.

Just like Sean and his car—or me with my scrap quilts, I guess. Maybe we’re all obsessed with rescuing broken things.

Sean takes one of the coffees and sprawls out beside me, one arm looped casually around my shoulders. “Got any plans for today?”

Just the hospital later, but I don’t feel like bringing it up. So I reach for one of the pastries instead, breaking off a corner to nibble. “Not really. I need to open up my laptop and actually deal with some of my email, I guess.”

“Sounds fun.” He wrinkles his nose as he leans his head back and closes his eyes. “I left Gibb alone at the garage.”

I should probably feel guilty about that, but it’s hard to when he’s here, next to me, and I get to snuggle into his side as I eat breakfast. “I’m sure he can handle it. He seems really good at his job. Evie says he is, anyway.”

“She’s right.” Sean tilts his head my way and opens one eye. “You look good.”

My cheeks aren’t the only part of me that heat at the compliment. I abandon the pastry and coffee in favor of curling closer to him, because every point of contact means another giddy spark of anticipation.

It’s easier to flirt with him in text messages, but I try to capture a hint of that mischief as

I smile at him. “I stayed in my pajamas just for you.”

“I like it.” The back of his hand brushes my bare thigh.

An accident? I don’t want it to be. Holding my breath, I shift closer, chasing his fingers.

But he hasn’t moved, so I wind up rubbing my leg against his hand.
Sean is watching me now. “Does Evie come home for lunch?”

I don’t think I’ve been here long enough to know for sure, and I can’t remember right now, anyway. Because that’s not what he’s really asking. This isn’t safe like the lake, with people nearby to keep us from going too far.

Whatever too far means.

“I think she might be meeting Sawyer for lunch,” I tell him, because I know she talked about it. Was it today? God, I hope so, because I can’t think with Sean watching me.

He slides his free hand into my hair and cups my neck. He doesn’t say anything, but he’s utterly focused on my mouth, and he draws in a sharp breath when I lick my lips.

It’s the reminder I need—that I’m not the only one caught in the grip of needy hunger. I press my hand to his chest, splaying my fingers wide. Not to hold him back, but to brace myself as I lean in.

He lifts me into his lap instead, his steely grip a shocking reminder of his strength. I end up perched on his thighs, my knees riding alongside his hips. Straddling him, and it’s nothing like the lake. We might be wearing more clothing—well, he is—but there’s no darkness or water to hide behind.

He can watch my cheeks flush, and he can watch that warmth spread. My tank top is too thin to hide the tightening tips of my nipples, so I crush my chest to his and kiss him before reality can catch up with me.

But it isn’t reality that crashes into me a heartbeat later. It’s sensation, the tightness spreading into a deeper heat as his tongue slicks over mine, and his fingertips edge beneath the hem of my tank top.

I want to melt. Everything inside me is screaming for it, but I break away and pant against his cheek. “I should tell you. That I still don’t—that I’m not ready—”

“For sex?” His voice is low, hoarse. Filthy.

I never thought anything could weaken my resolve. But I didn’t know I could feel like this—flustered and turned on and achy. Empty, and just thinking that makes me feel debauched. “Can we still do other stuff?”

His chest rumbles beneath mine, and his hands slide higher up my back. “Hell, yeah.”




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  1. This this is one of those rare authors that I trust to write a new adult that I’ll actually read.