“It’s really a perfect Sports Romance.”
~ Under the Covers

I’m really enjoying these seasonal stories by Marie Harte. ANY GIVEN SNOW DAY is a standalone novel but I do think that there’s plenty of ways she can make this into a series. Similar to her other books, this book is filled with fun banter and humor. This is one of my favorite things about Harte’s stories. While her books do have awesome conflict in them, she really does take her time building relationships between the characters so that you definitely feel the strong connection between all characters, both main and secondary.

For football fans, I think you would really enjoy this book. There are quite a lot of sports terms and scenes here so it’s really a perfect Sports Romance. I dislike series that market themselves as Sports Romances but don’t actually feature anything about the sport in the book. With this one, however, you can definitely tell that Harte has studied the sport and done her research.

If you haven’t tried Marie Harte’s books before, I would highly suggest trying at least one of them out. Her Contemporary Romances are amongst my favorites and she has never let me down.




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