Looking for a fresh take on historical romance? Grab Ana Maria and the Fox by Liana De la Rosa! It’s got diverse characters, a taste of forbidden love, and a sweet yet powerful hero you’ll adore.

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Ana Maria and The Fox by Liana De La Rosa

Ana Maria and The Fox by Liana De La Rosa

The Luna Sisters #1
April 3, 2023

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  • Diverse characters
  • Marriage of convenience
  • Politician stoic hero

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If you’re looking for a historical romance that brings something new to the ballroom, Ana Maria and the Fox by Liana De la Rosa is just what the doctor ordered. Set in Victorian England, this story follows Ana María Luna Valdés, a Mexican heiress in London hiding from the French occupation back home. Enter Gideon Fox, a member of British Parliament with a heart of gold and a mission to abolish the Atlantic slave trade. He’s not your typical rake or alpha hero—more of a stoic and sweet type—but he manages to command every scene he’s in.

What makes this book stand out are the diverse characters and unique perspectives that De la Rosa brings to the table.

Gideon’s calm, stoic nature makes him seem larger than life, especially as he champions his abolitionist cause. But when it comes to the romance, he is tentative and careful. Ana María, already promised to someone back home, finds herself struggling with her undeniable connection to him. She knows she has to fly under the radar while she’s in England, but she can’t help but want to spend more time with Gideon. They complement each other beautifully—her fiery spirit balances his reserved demeanor perfectly. But at the core they’re quite similar and just perfect for each other.

While this book has all the expected balls and London society events, it also brings a new perspective to the time period. With a Mexican heroine and a hero who’s the grandson of an enslaved woman, De la Rosa does a great job weaving diversity into the story. Seeing Ana María and Gideon navigate their attraction amidst political agendas and societal pressures makes for a captivating read. Their chemistry is instant and electric, and you can’t help but root for them to overcome the challenges keeping them apart.

Ana María and the Fox by Liana De La Rosa is a refreshing, heartwarming romance that’s perfect for anyone seeking a love story that steps outside the usual tropes while still delivering on the swoon-worthy moments.

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