“ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR is unlike any of the books in the series. Although its not your typical romance book, it will still make you fall in love with its characters. 
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1. Describe this book in three words

Suzanne: Sweet, Slow, Filler
Annie: Unexpected. Sweet. Heartwarming.

2. Was Allegiance of Honor what you expected?

Suzanne: No, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting from Singh. This book didn’t have a new romance in it, but was rather showing all the different couples from the previous series and what they are doing and how they are feeling now Silence has fallen. As much as I did enjoy seeing this, it wasn’t what I was expecting. 
Annie: Definitely not. We’re very much used to seeing a main couple in each of the books of the series. Instead we get a lot of “slices of life” moments from the previous characters of the series. We get updates on their lives after the happily ever after. Although I loved seeing so many sweet moments between characters whom I love, I wished we had further notice that this book was going to be different from the others. Apart from the author’s note in the beginning, this book is a complete surprise and I’m not sure every reader will be thrilled by the idea. That being said though, I do think Singh made an extra effort to put the romance in, even if it isn’t in the typical way we like to read it. 

3. What did you like about this book?

Suzanne: I loved seeing more of characters we haven’t been introduced to for long and getting to know them a little bit better, I am now intrigued and hope they get their own book soon. It’s also always good to check in with old characters, I like to know they are happy! 
Annie: I liked being about to catch up with beloved characters from years ago. The Pupcubs were definitely  favourite of mine but I also think that Singh’s writing should get a mention. She still writes so beautifully and so eloquently that it’s so easy to get lost in her books.

4. What did you not like?

Suzanne: Although I liked this book, it felt like a compilation of slices of life rather than one coherent book. It felt like filler, where nothing of value was added to the overall story. I would rather have had this in a novella and then a full length novel with a central couple. So, although I liked it and it was great to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones, I find myself disappointed with this installment of the Psy Changeling series. 
Annie: I think the main complaint that many readers will have about this book is that they’ll see it as a “filler” book. All the characters are paired up and happy. Why not end the series here? It’s the perfect opportunity. But I also see this as a transition book. Singh is introducing more characters, more packs and honestly, these types of books aren’t the most popular with readers. BUT the series is still evolving and after so many books in the series already, I’m impressed that Singh still has stories to tell. 

5. What are you hoping for in the future with this series?

Suzanne: I would to see a great romance, preferably with a changeling couple, or a couple with a changeling in it. 
Annie: I’m not sure to be honest. Whatever Singh decides to write about, I’m sure it’ll be written well. The only question is, who will she feature next? I’m looking forward to finding out.

6. Final thoughts

Suzanne: I was disappointed in this book, I kept expecting something to happen…but it never did. But if you love this series, which if you still reading at book 15 than I figure you are, then it is a nice look back at everyone and perhaps a taste of what is coming in the future.
Annie: ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR is unlike any of the books in the series. Although its not your typical romance book, it will still make you fall in love with its characters. 



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