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“Raw and real, Colleen Hoover took me on a roller coaster of emotions that I didn’t want to look away from.”
~ Under the Covers

I don’t really have the words to tell you how I feel about this book.  Colleen Hoover is so good at drawing emotion out of me, especially with her adult books.  Fair warning, this is an intense and heartbreaking book.  Pick it up when you’re in the mood for that because it’s not an easy, fluffy, happy read.  The pain is not one moment and done.  It’s a drawn out, gut wrenching experience.  While it took me by surprise, I was so happy to have gone on this journey with these characters.

ALL YOUR PERFECTS is about a struggling marriage.  They’ve been struggling for years, actually.  There’s one big issue that’s looming between them and they don’t know how to prevent it from taking over their love and ending their marriage.  I don’t want to mention what that is.  This book is definitely best experienced as you read it.

As with IT ENDS WITH US, I can’t say I have experience on what the heroine is going through personally.  But I was able to easily understand her.  I connected with her desires, her fears, her suffering.  This is one of my favorite things about Colleen’s writing.  It’s so honest and just human that you can’t help but feel as if you are in the characters shoes.

Don’t worry, there’s some light in between the darkness.  This is told in a then and now fashion.  The earlier parts are about how they fell in love and they were so adorable and uplifting that they balanced the current situation perfectly.  They also gave just the right glimpse into the love that these two shared.  How much they belong together.  I can honestly say I fell so hard for Graham THEN and then so much more NOW.

Like I said, this isn’t a book to read.  But it’s a beautiful story.  There’s really no other word for it.  Raw and real, Colleen Hoover took me on a roller coaster of emotions that I didn’t want to look away from.  It was masterfully done and it may be one of my favorite books by her in a while.  Definitely top 3.  Can’t wait to see what she does next.



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  1. Thanks for the review, this is on my wishlist but I’ve also requested my library purchase it as well..