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I have a soft spot for the Lund family.  Lorelei James always knows how to do connections between characters that feel like real bonds and that’s been my favorite thing about this series, as well as her previous work.  In this installment, Annika Lund is tasked with helping to get the reputation of hockey bad boy Axl “The Hammer” back under control.  This is her field of work but she’s somewhat manipulated by her mother to do this to help her brother’s career.

I liked Annika character.  She’s a successful and independent woman but at the same time she does do “too” much for her family.  Sometimes to her own loss.  I liked seeing Axl step in as the caregiver in this aspect of her life and push her to do the right thing for her, not only for her family.

Axl is definitely sexy.  All that testosterone flying around the ice translates into lots of steam off the rink.  The fact that he was able to get everyone to believe he didn’t speak English for such a long time was a bit of a stretch for me to believe, especially considering there must’ve been players from that country in the league before and the fact that studying English was basically mandatory would’ve come out.

Their relationship was fun and playful and I enjoyed that, as well as their banter and ease being around each other.  But I think at times it lacked a “spark” to make it stand out for me.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it and read it in one sitting.  There was something sweet and cute about them as a couple, but also about the supporting cast of characters, that kept me turning the pages.

Speaking of family, I’m definitely intrigued about Lucy and is totally wrong of me to want her to end up with Ash instead of Jaxson?  What is wrong with me?  LOL  It would definitely make for some crazy family drama!  Regardless, I’ll be awaiting the next in the series so I can be back in the fold of the Lund family and see what awaits Jensen.




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