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“I honestly devoured this book in just a few hours.”
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I love books centered around families and in QUARTERBACK DRAW we were introduced to another extremely sports oriented family, the Cassidy’s. This is another book from that family and going back to baseball. Tucker Cassidy is the pitcher of the same team that Gavin and Garrett play for. So bonus points for getting to revisit with them and seeing glimpses of one of my favorite heroines in this series as well, Liz.

Tucker is different than some of the other playboys in this series. While, yes, he has plenty of women around, he was actually trying to date one. Of course, that didn’t quite work out and it leaves him with a knee to the groin down in the wine cellar at the house of the owner of his team, during a party. Dr. Aubry Ross comes to the rescue and quite literally examines his balls. I mean, that was just an awesome first meeting right there!

Aubry is not only a doctor, but also the daughter of the owner of the team. She normally wants nothing to do with sports or athletes (mainly because that’s all she’s known due to her parents) and she wants to focus solely on her career. Tucker is the one that actually proves to be resilient in wanting to date Aubry and that’s usually one of my favorite things. I hate the guys that are too cool to be that attracted to their heroine and fight it every step of the way. Did I mention that Tucker is super sexy? Yes, there’s that too!

The family dynamics were fun to read. Tucker likes his privacy and sometimes his overbearing brothers can be a bit nosy. Ha! They’re worst than women! Add in there the friendships between the players and those strong bonds that Ms. Burton does so well and I was hooked.

I honestly devoured this book in just a few hours. I thought, let me start reading some at 9pm and by 1am this baby was done! One thing is for certain, Jaci Burton never disappoints. I know going in what I can expect, and she always delivers on that in a new and fun way. ALL WOUND UP was no different and I can’t wait to read more about the Cassidy’s!




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