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All Roads Lead to you is my favorite of the three books of the series” ~ Under the Covers

Harper manages the farm and animal rescue in her family’s bed and breakfast establishment.  Her latest rescue is a Thoroughbred Racehorse, who was abused by her owner after losing a race.  Phoenix is temperamental and not easy to trust but she has made progress. Her goal is to possibly get him on the track again.  Coincidentally, Aidan O’Connor, a guest, at the Inn happens to train horses professionally and looking for his new project.  Harper and Aiden will agree to work together but to be successful, they have a few things to overcome, such as trust, learning to love and learning to let go of the past.  

All Roads Lead to you is my favorite of the three books of the series.  I enjoyed Harper and Aidan’s story. Their past, feelings, and situations are familiar and at times too close to home.   I get them. Harper’s passion for rescuing animals is uplifting and Aidan, well, he’s just adorably hot. Together, they were sweet and they made me laugh.  

I can’t get enough of the adorable rescue animals in the farm who all have specific personalities.  Most especially Phoenix, the rescue horse of the story, a goat named Captain Hoof, and Hei Hei, the chicken.  These three took a good portion of the stage and stole my heart. They were hilarious, quirky, and very sweet.  I still laugh at their antics and interactions with each other.  

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but this book cannot be the end of the series.  Yes, we got all the stories of the three Bishop siblings, but there are secondary characters’ stories that need to be told.  Chloe and Owen, the teens who were sentenced to volunteer at the farm desperately need a book of their own. Throughout the stories, you see them grow from being a**hole kids to a much more mature human beings.  You can’t help but fall in love with them and feel invested in their lives. I’m hoping Probst will not leave her readers hanging and give Chloe and Owen an HEA.  


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