“If you’re looking for something that’s sexy and spooky at the same time, then you definitely need to check this book out.”
~ Under the Covers

As a big Marie Harte fan, I was looking forward to reading this book. I haven’t read too many Halloween themed stories, so I was particularly excited about reading this one. As you can expect, this book has a lot of fun banter and sexiness. I feel like this is kind of what Marie Harte does best with her Contemporaries.

The heroine, Sadie Liberato, is forced to go to a Halloween party by her brother. There she meets a masked man, who is no other than Gear Blackstone, a reality TV star on Motorcycle Madnezz. Funny thing is, Sadie was just lying on her couch, watching one of his episodes before she went to this party.

I think if you’re going to read this book, you really need to be in a good mood. A lot of it involves fun and sexy banter. It doesn’t just happen between the hero and heroine though. Sadie’s brother does have some good page time and he really is a fun character to read. However, I do think that the author can go a bit overboard with all the banter in some cases. I think fun banter is great for introducing a character and building that romance between the hero and heroine, but too much of it can also make the book feel unnecessarily long. I don’t think there was a need of so much of it.

Similarly, humor is a big part of this book. Again, I really enjoyed it in some cases but felt that it can overshadow other aspects of the book because there was so much of it. Also, you do have to keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor so what might be funny to some might be foolish to others. That’s the fine line you straddle when it comes to humor and I felt like this book wobbled between the two sides sometimes.

Nevertheless, ALL I WANT FOR HALLOWEEN is a fun read. If you’re looking for something that’s sexy and spooky at the same time, then you definitely need to check this book out.




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  1. Hmmm, I like the idea of a halloween themed story but if the banter gets annoying, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it. Thanks