“As this is a brother’s best friend novel, this slow build was very important and I think Shalvis pulled it off well. ”
~ Under the Covers

I’m always very excited about a new Jill Shalvis book so I had some high expectations for ALL I WANT, as is always the case when you fall in love with an author’s writing. This is Zoe and Parker’s book and it definitely has all the trademarks that make Jill Shalvis’s books so fun. There’s humor – quite a lot of it actually – and also a lot of heart as well.

Our heroine, Zoe Stone is a bit of a mess when her brother asks her a favor. Despite all the alarm bells ringing inside of her head, Zoe agrees to let his friend, Parker stay with her until her brother gets back to town so that they can see each other. Just as she is about to leave for a blind date, Parker appears and because Zoe has absolutely no clue what she is doing, she kisses him right there and then on her front step. It comes as a shock to her when she realizes he’s her brother’s best friend. Talk about awkwardness, huh?

If you’re a big fan of Contemporary Romances and love the style in which Jill Shalvis does it, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. It has everything I usually like in a Rom Com but as I was reading this one, I felt like I could guess everything that was going to happen. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve read so many Jill Shalvis books that I already know her style or if this book was just too predictable.

ALL I WANT is a very cute book. There’s a lot of teasing, a lot of flirting and Shalvis builds the tension very well. As this is a brother’s best friend novel, this slow build was very important and I think Shalvis pulled it off well. So apart from being a little clichéd, I still very much enjoyed the latest installment to the Animal Magnetism series.



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