“This was a lovely Christmas story…”
~ Under the Covers

It’s Beacon’s first Christmas and all the humans and the aliens are celebrating together. Holly just has one item on her Christmas list…Gorrard. Gorrard who insists he is just her friend. Holly has known since she first laid eyes on him that he was meant to be hers. She doesn’t care about the age difference, or his scars she just wants him. So this Christmas she is going to make him realise that age is just a number and that it’s never too late.

I am so glad Gorrard is getting a book! Gorrard has been searching for decades to find his lost race, when we meet him in Alien Instincts, the first book in the series he had almost lost hope. But, finally finding his lost family and friends is bittersweet. He has aged decades whilst everyone he knows has been in stasis and remained the same.

Holly was held captive as a slave and it is Gorrard who she instantly trusted when she was saved. It was Gorrard who held her and helped her start her new life on Beacon. And it’s Gorrard that she’s madly in love with. The grizzled older male is her mate, no matter that he has a few scars and a greying mane. Christmas is the perfect time to tell him about her feelings.

This book was so adorable, just what you need this Christmas season. I love Gorrard even if he was being a dumbass in this book! He’s loyal and brave and a definite silver fox. Holly is a survivor and I loved her determination to seduce the man of her dreams. Often in romance it is the male who is in pursuit, but I liked that it was the woman going for what she wanted.

I’m normally a little wary of age difference romances, the heroine always seems so questionably young. But I liked that in this romance Holly was in her mid to late 20’s and Gorrard was…I actually have no idea, but I am guessing around 50. They were cute together and in their different ways were getting a second chance at life. Gorrard after putting his own life on hold for so long to find his people and Holly after being kidnapped from Earth and starting her life again on a new planet.

This was a lovely Christmas story, with plenty of humour, romance and sexy times. If you haven’t read Tracy Lauren before, this is a great taster, however, it is best read as part of the series.


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