“They stole the show in The Importance of Being Scandalous, did they manage the same in A Scandal by any Other Name? I thought so.”
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Julia Bishop knows that dreaming of exciting adventures and grand romances is as close as she will ever come to actually having them. Due to a spinal injury Julia’s life is on a strict schedule where deviation could mean something as small as a headache or as dangerous as life ending infection. But, when Jasper DeVere, an infamous rake and her brother-in-law’s friend unexpectedly arrives it seems the both adventure and romance have been delivered directly to her door.

I’ve been really excited to read this, I enjoyed the first book in this series The Importance of Being Scandalous and one of the things I loved most about it was Julia and Jasper. Although they never met, each of their characters were so vibrant and fun that they stole the show. So, having them couple up seems like a natural next step and was the reason for my aforementioned excitement.

They stole the show in The Importance of Being Scandalous, did they manage the same in A Scandal by any Other Name? I thought so. I loved Julia’s sense of adventure and that although she had some serious physical limitations it didn’t stop her from trying to live her life to the fullest and take opportunities when she found them. One of these opportunities being Jasper, with whom she had some instant chemistry. Jasper falls into the rake-with-a-heart-of-gold category and I was just as in love as Julia with his charm, humour and slight vulnerability.

The romance between them proceeds in a fairly predictable manner. But, although I knew what was happening and what was going to happen, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the ride. Not only because I liked the romance, but because I enjoyed the humour and relationships between not just the main hero and heroine, but between Julia and Amelia, her sister, and others she was close with. It all lent the book a warm cosy feeling, like you’re stepping into a circle of close friends.

A great romance, I am not sure if this is the last book, I assume it is as the series is named A Tale of Two Sisters and both of them are nice and settled. But, whatever Kimberly Bell brings out next I know I am going to be picking it up.

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