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“…will I be reading the next book in this series? Hell. Yeah.”
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It’s been a slow year. Very few books have wowed be and yet one of the few that has has been a Fantasy Romance, not the more prolific genre and not one I have read a huge amount of. And yet here I am, on my second Fantasy Romance and I am once again wowed by how much I enjoyed it. Maybe that’s the Universe trying to tell me something. Well Universe, I have taken note, there will definitely be more Fantasy Romance in my future.

Not that I am a Fantasy novice, it’s the genre I commenced my reading journey with way back when. It’s just romance was never really a dominant element in my previous Fantasy experience. Adding a heavy romance aspects definitely adds something different, although that focus also, inevitably, leaves other things that fall to the wayside. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on your reading tastes and your reading mood.

Anyway! I digress! I haven’t even given you a book description. A Promise of Fire tells the tale of Cat, a soothsayer from a travelling circus. But, Cat isn’t quite who she seems, and her life as a soothsayer has been the perfect way for her to hide from her past. But, when a certain Warlord comes to her tent her fate starts to change, and maybe not just hers either, after all, there’s the prophecy that predicts she will destroy the world…

As you can tell, I liked it. It was a great easy read that nonetheless chucked you into this brand new world where the Greek gods rule and magic is an important and accepted part of life. I liked that Bouchet mixed this unfamiliar new world with names of Gods and creatures that we can all recognise, it allowed you to slip with ease into her brand new land.

The romance. Griffin and Cat, they are the focus of this book rather than a huge amount of world building. What you are reading the next page to discover is if they will ever get together. Or, if Cat being the slightly immature and jumpy character she is, will continue to push him away. I know, it isn’t the most flattering description of our main character, and there were points where I found her irritating. But overall, I like her, she reminded me of a Sarah Maas character, kind of tough and bitter, until you get to the core of her.

So, will I be reading the next book in this series? Hell. Yeah. I wasn’t expecting to like this nearly as much as I did and I will be racing to see what Bouchet has in store for us next.


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  1. I don’t read that much of it either, but I just finished Eidolon, a fantasy romance by Grace Draven and it was one of my top books this year so I’m totally ready for A Promise of Fire. I read a sneak peak of it last month and loved it. It’s at the top of my wish list for August. Glad you liked it!