“This book doesn’t lack for action and it was, as with every book in this series, an entertaining read!”
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I will give you a quick warning to start.  If you haven’t read THE QUEEN OF ZOMBIE HEARTS (Book 3) and you don’t want spoilers, then I would say don’t continue reading this review as the main plot of this book revolves around one spoiler from that book.  That being said and if you don’t care….

I was shocked when Ms. Showalter announced there would be another book in this series.  Book 3 sort of wraps things up in a neat enough way that you could consider that an end, but I understand that it also leaves other people a bit broken hearted behind.  It was nice to see her give all the characters a happy ending.  Mainly, in this case, Frosty.

I always had the feeling that Kat was going to die because of her disease, so Frosty would end up alone.  But after Kat is killed in the last book things get shaken up a bit.  He starts off this book a devastated mess, not caring about much and trying to cope with the loss the best way he can.  Until Kat’s spirit comes to protect him by assigning Camilla to be his bodyguard, as she is meant to save his life at one point soon.

Sigh Frosty and Camilla.  I felt almost bad for liking them together so much!  I should’ve had more love for Kat, no?  As much as I love Kat’s personality she was just not right for Frosty in the end and only seeing him with Camilla I realized that.  The only thing that gave me pause about this whole situation was the fact that Frosty was supposedly in love with Kat!  Unless that all was bull, I just found it a bit hard to swallow that he would fall so deep and so fast for Camilla.  But like I said, that doesn’t take away from the fact the ARE perfect for each other and it was nice to see them open up.

This book doesn’t lack for action and it was, as with every book in this series, an entertaining read!  I find that maybe the romance aspect was a bigger focus in this book than the previous books in the series, but it still gave a finality to the Anima Industries storyline.  It gave me a closure in many ways I didn’t know I needed and is the perfect ending to the series.




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