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“There was something epic about this book”
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What can be sexier than a group of ruthless medieval warriors seeking revenge for the murder of their leaders’ parents?  Well, maybe just like that it can sound not so sexy but I have a thing for slightly blood thirsty and very alpha males.  Maddek is certainly everything I was looking for.  While he was leading his men in a battle, he gets called back to “court” to inform him that his parents were killed by one of the alliance Kings and it was all supposedly because of his parents uncharacteristically bad behavior. Told to take his title and stand down any revenge plans, doesn’t take long for Maddek and his dragon (a group of warriors who’ve pledged to protect him until the end) to embark on a mission to kill this King.  And part of that plan is marrying his daughter.  Little did he expect that she wants her own revenge against her father and they forge an alliance and a marriage of convenience.

There was something epic about this book…. the worldbuilding!  I’m not usually one for big descriptions but Milla Vane made this world come alive.  From the Kingdoms they travel, the people they meet along the way and the rules of this world.  I loved every second of it.  While this book is slow paced and the romance could be considered a slow burn, it also weaves in plenty of action, battle, danger and sizzling sexual chemistry.  It’s not a short book, but I still didn’t want it to end.  I’ll definitely be itching to be back in this world.

Yvenne reminded me a bit of Yennefer from The Witcher.  Often seen as weak but with great hidden power and strength.  I loved her character development and how she found her footing in a world she had never seen before.  And of course Maddek, sexy medieval warrior.  There’s much for him to learn and grow along the way.  A lot of that in his perceptions of others.  Yvenne was the perfect catalyst for that.  I loved seeing them together.

And of course there’s the supporting cast, which is primarily the dragon.  I am anxiously awaiting the next installment and I want to see them all get a happily ever after.  Fans of fantasy romance, or fantasy in general ala The Witcher and Game of Thrones, you will want to pick this up.  Rich worldbuilding, captivating characters and masterful writing will keep you turning the pages and getting lost in this book.



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