“Can I just say I loved these characters!?  Their chemistry was palpable from the start. ”
~ Under the Covers

This is the second book in the series, and what initially attracted me about the concept behind this series was the unusual business the heroines find themselves participating in.  In this case, the sister of the hero from book one is now working for Chegarre & Associates and is tasked with finding a missing heir that stands to inherit his recently deceased father title and fortune.  His family had shunned him at any early age for his difficulty speaking and was believed dead.  Now, without other obstacles in his way, his cousin wants to be the next Duke and is trying to get rid of anyone that can get in his way.

Elise is no stranger to acting and dress up.  She’s played many roles throughout the years.  Has seen many things.  On her quest to find Noah, she sets out dressed as a boy.  And that’s how Noah first meets her and is instantly smitten.  Can I just say I loved these characters!?  Their chemistry was palpable from the start.  I found them endearing and I couldn’t wait to see what their next interaction would bring.  As Noah would struggle with getting his words right, my heart was melting even more for him.

I’m usually weary of authors that drag out a lie between the main characters, as it can make me dislike the one doing it.  So I was happy to see this wrapped up nicely, while still developing the story afterwards and not solely relying on that for drama between them.

While there was a bit of insta lust, their romance unfolds nicely throughout the time they have alone in the country.  I felt the connection between them growing with every passing moment.  I thought every scene was used nicely for that.

The ending could’ve been a bit less rushed.  Assumptions drive me mad, and in this case I wanted to throttle the heroine.  But while everything wraps up a bit quickly after that, I still overall enjoyed this story between them.  I just wanted to see something more at the end.

I’m not sure if the author is going for King’s book next, but I’m salivating for his story. The little bit about his past that we found out about in this book has peaked my interest even more than in the first book.




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  1. She has a pre-order up for the next book slated to be released 01/17, and alas it’s about Alexander, not King.

    I read this yesterday and adored every second of it. My only quibble, I wished Noah had an encounter with his mother to resolve a bit of that storyline.

    I’ve yet to read a Kelly Bowen I haven’t loved. 🙂