A Curse of Shadows and Ice by C.A. Maura is a magical Beauty and the Beast retelling with a cursed emperor and a powerful princess. A captivating romance full of magic and passion.

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A Curse of Shadows and Ice by C.A. Maura

A Curse of Shadows and Ice by C.A. Maura

March 15, 2022

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  • Forced marriage
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C.A. Maura’s A Curse of Shadows and Ice gives us a Beauty and the Beast retelling with some magical twists. Our beast here is Felix Osiris, the Shadow Emperor, who’s cursed by his mom to never know true love. Enter Princess Arabella of Althea, who’s forced into a marriage with him to save his kingdom and break the curse.

Arabella’s got some forbidden magic of her own, and while she’s initially terrified of Felix, she soon finds herself drawn to his fiery touch and those mesmerizing turquoise eyes. Despite his cursed, shadowy appearance, there’s something undeniably sensual about him that Arabella just can’t ignore.

Their relationship evolves from straight-up hatred to a passionate, fiery connection. Arabella transforms from a shy, overlooked princess into a powerful woman who’s not afraid to embrace her magic and her feelings for Felix. The middle of the book does drag a bit, and I wish the curse details were clearer. But the angsty, emotional moments and the characters’ growth keep things interesting.

This book is a fun ride if you’re into angsty romances with a good dose of magic. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely worth a read if you love a good Beauty and the Beast story.

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