Check out our review of A Curse of Queens by Amanda Bouchet it’s the fantasy romance to read if you are in the mood for a book with plenty of action, romance and mythology

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A Curse of Queens
by Amanda Bouchet

Kingmaker Chronicles #4
Released: October 04, 2022
505 Pages | ebook

read this book if you’re in the mood for
  • Some Greek mythology
  • Action packed adventure
  • Magic and mayhem
a recap

Oh my. I fell in love with this world when I read the first three books, and I was just SO excited to come back to this world. I couldn’t even contain my excitement. As a quick reminder, the first three books focus on Cat and Griffin as they slowly fall in love with each other and battle it all out in Thalyria in order to conquer the kingdoms and abolish the injustices in this kingdom. Their story closes off nicely, but we know there are a couple of other characters we would love to get to know more about. And thankfully Amanda Bouchet gives us A Curse of Queens to add to the fantastic world.


It’s a world where the Olympian gods are real and usually control and give our heroes lots of adventure and danger with new enemies at every turn. Greek fantasy with the touch of romance you always needed. It was honestly great to be back with all the gang, and I was so happy to be able to deep dive into Jocasta and Finlay’s story. We see them slowly overcome all those doubts and fears and just find each other while having to do SO MANY THINGS. And I really say, so many things.

What I loved about the original trilogy is still going strong, and adventures are at the heart of this story. Like always, this is action packed and by moments you are just praying for everybody to just survive the latest scheme they have fallen into. And it really felt like an easy and seamless read for me, and at no point did I feel that the general plot became stuck or slow moving.

Romance wise, we have heat, and we have angst, since our two lovebirds have too much baggage between them, and they do not know how to relate to one another without having miscommunication between them. Even though at times I just wanted them to talk, it was great to get Flynn’s point of view in order to understand how hard it was for him at times to really open up and meet Jo halfway in their conversations. Getting the dual point of view was key to getting a better sense of this relationship.

in conclusion

As I finished this book my heart was bursting with a lot of love for all these characters and with a lot of world building and setting of the scene. It gives us the hint of the many more stories and adventures we can have from this world. I cannot wait to read more. Overall, an extremely interesting and engaging read, so if you haven’t yet picked up these books and you love romance and some Greek mythology, you’ve come to the right place.

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