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“Each time I read one of the books in the Dark Glass series it becomes my favourite. I can’t help it every single book has been excellent.”
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Lady Nicole Montagna knows a secret. And now she is faced with a choice, she can either tell her older brother and get his insight; stay silent and let events unfold; or inform her entire family so they can deal with it together. In her moment of indecision a mirror appears and allows her to live through the consequences of each scenario. Once she has lived through the three possible futures she must then make her choice. Who will she tell? Each future has its own terrible and wonderful moments; will she chose love, family or duty?

Each time I read one of the books in the Dark Glass series it becomes my favourite. I can’t help it every single book has been excellent. The books take a sheltered young woman and throw an extreme life changing situation at them then allow them to live out the consequences of their choices. For me, what makes this unique format even better is that there is never a “best” choice. Each one has its unique challenges and triumphs. The heroine may find love, but at the detriment to those she cares about. Or, the heroine may gain power and influence, but never know love and care. This means that as a reader you can’t always predict what the heroine will chose when the crucial moment comes.

A Choice of Secrets did a great job of showing you each of the possible futures. The danger with a book formatted like this, where essentially the same time period is told three times, is that it will be repetitive and boring. However, I didn’t think this was the case. Each of the futures were different enough that boredom was never an issue. In fact it was the opposite. Once I got started I was completely enthralled, and intrigued to see which future Nicole would pick.

This was a great book and one I highly recommend, each of the books can be read as a standalone. None of the stories are connected, the thread through the series is the mirror that shows the heroine the outcome of her trinity of choices. I don’t know if the Hendee is bringing out any more books in this series, I certainly hope so as I definitely plan on reading them.


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