Join Mercy and Adam in Winter Lost by Patricia Briggs for an action-packed adventure with supernatural intrigue, worldbuilding, and a touch of romance. Urban fantasy fans, don’t miss this!

Haven’t you learned by now? Magic never helps

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Winter Lost by Patricia Briggs

Winter Lost by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson #14
June 18, 2024

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  • Paranormal menagerie
  • Fiercely independent heroine
  • Blend of mythologies

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Winter roads are treacherous, but necessary to get you where you are going

While I miss Charles and Anna, it has been a treat to get two straight Mercy books from Patricia Briggs in a row. The latest installment to Mercy Thompson’s adventures, Winter Lost, sees coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her alpha werewolf husband Adam once again getting stuck in the middle of a supernatural dispute. Mercy’s half brother shows up dazed and confused on their front porch, unable to communicate whatsoever, and Mercy and Adam must travel to Montana and face beings out of Norse legend to break the curse and save the day. 

“I love your dimple,” she said. “Like a promise of the soft middle in a crusty roll.”

Mercy and Adam have such an amazing relationship, and it’s always fun to get to see it. The name of the game is compromise, and they both have to meet in the middle to make things work. For example, as an alpha werewolf Adam is driven by a need to protect what his wolf considers his. However, Mercy is fiercely independent and doesn’t like being handled like she’s made of glass (even though she’s far less durable than a werewolf). As a result, Mercy does her best to let Adam help her even though she doesn’t necessarily ‘need’ it, and Adam lets her do her own thing even though it would likely give a non werewolf a head full of gray hair. While the majority of the action follows Mercy and Adam in Montana, we do get snippets of what’s going on back in the Tri State area in the form of interludes. It seems like the author is working towards some major shifts in the pack, so I’m excited to see how that eventually plays out. 

He gifted me with his confidence, his support, and his belief that I could handle things. All without saying a word. 

Worldbuilding was once again a great strength of Ms. Briggs’ book. I don’t know how she does it, but she took elements from different cultures (Russian, Norse, and Native American to name a few), and blended them into a seamless story. Some of the figures are destined to only appear in one book, while some are thorns in the pack’s side over the course of multiple books (a certain European vampire, to give a hint). As the tension has been building for that confrontation, I’m curious to see how it will finally play out. 

Overall, this was another great book from Patrcia Briggs, and well worth the wait. Based on the current schedule, a Charles and Anna book should be next so I’m curious to see how that will follow the ending of this book. Urban fantasy and paranormal readers who are looking for great worldbuilding, a well-developed set of main characters and ensemble cast, and a witty, headstrong heroine should definitely pick up the Mercy Thompson series ASAP. 

Stories are powerful lies because they are true in a way that real life isn’t

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