Gena gives readers a unique twist in this next installment of the Rise of the Warlords series. Simultaneously advancing the Astra’s next task while also focusing on those most affected by it, this fourth book in the series continued to connect the overall story while adding a new level of excitement. When a witty and snarky harpy-oracle crosses paths with the king of the Realm of Agonies, readers are in for an unforgettable adventure. The Wrath gave us spice, a different spin on fated mates, and amazing back-and-forth between the two main characters.

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The Wrath by Gena Showalter

The Wrath by Gena Showalter

Rise of the Warlords #4
February 6, 2024

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  • Witty writing
  • Strong and sarcastic FMCs
  • Jacob’s Ladder piercings

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Rathbone the Only was a total snack cake.

The Rise of the Warlords series just keeps getting better and better. The Wrath features my favorite couple yet, despite the fact that far less focus is on the Astra warlords. The shift in focus has definitely kept the over-arcing plot of the series interesting, as we saw less of the next Astra task and more how it affects any bystanders. 

Neeka and Rathbone truly had some of the best interactions (flirting?) of the series, and a lot of that had to do with how much I loved Neeka and her personality. Her confidence and how she verbally expresses herself is definitely a new goal. As an oracle who slips in and out of visions, Neeka was a treat to read and kept me grinning every time it was her turn to shine. Gena always manages to strike the perfect balance between serious conversation, banter, and sarcasm, and this combination is at its peak in this paranormal romance. 

Without spoiling plot points outside of the synopsis, I really liked that there was more than usual to focus on within the story. So far, the series has given us the relationship and the warlord’s task in each book; but, The Wrath ended up giving us far more, both in terms of couples and things that needed to be accomplished for the Astra to succeed. 

With Gena’s witty writing, fantastic dialogue, and more than usual happening with the Astra and their harpies, The Wrath by Gena Showalter is a must read for paranormal fans who gravitate towards strong females and the gruff males who fall in love with them. 

‘I tempt you?’
‘Beyond measure.’

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