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“THE SCORE is a great addition to the series and it cements the fact that this is one of the strongest new adult series out there.”
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We are back in the Off-Campus series and Elle Kennedy has done it again!  I keep coming back to this series because I really enjoy the easy flow of these relationships and Allie and Dean were no exception to that rule.  Perfect opposites attract if you will.  Allie has just broken up with her longtime boyfriend and since her best friend isn’t in town, she ends up hiding out at Dean’s house.  One thing leads to another and while she thought sort of the worst of him in the sense of being a manwhore, they end up in bed together.  After that, they just can’t stay away.

I kind of liked that their relationship starts off as a secret.  They have a chance to explore each other thinking there’s an expiration date and without having all their friends becoming involved and mucking things up.  They are incredibly compatible sexually and that’s what ignites the fire, but what keeps it going is the fact that they are perfect for each other in every other way and they realize they can connect on a deeper level.

Both Dean and Allie have also things to decide about their lives and their future and it was nice to see that woven into the story and how maybe in a way they helped each other get to those decisions.  As a couple though, they have amazing chemistry.  They are playful (one of my favorite things about the series) while being scorchingly hot.  Dean is a bit of a dirty talker and neither one of them is afraid to go for what they want in bed.

I admit I wasn’t quite so happy, and yes maybe a bit shocked, by what prompts the conflict between these two.  But although what happens is not to be taken lightly, I don’t think how that all played out was enough of a conflict to create the tension it did.  That’s just my opinion.  Didn’t like his response, didn’t like her response.

THE SCORE is a great addition to the series and it cements the fact that this is one of the strongest new adult series out there.  The books are consistently good, the author’s voice and the tone you can expect in each book is steady, so you know exactly what you are getting into before you even start.  I like that!

Favorite Quote:

“Get over yourself,” I mutter.  “I’d be wet if any guy was rubbing up against me.”
“Bull. Fucking. Shit.”  His thumb brushes my clit.  I almost fall over.  “It’s me.  You want me.”  He pushes one finger inside and my inner muscles betray me by tightening around it.  “As long as this hungry pussy keeps dripping for me, we’re not fucking done.”




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