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“… Jake Connelly will make you swoon HARD.”
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Is it really any surprise that when Elle Kennedy has a new book out and it hits my kindle, I drop everything and read it?  That’s exactly what happened when I got the ARC of THE RISK.  And not only because I jump at the chance to read an Elle Kennedy book because she’s one of my favorite authors.  But also because I was dying for Jake and Brenna’s story.  Elle Kennedy did this couple justice.

Let’s get the swooning out of the way first because I’m here to tell you that Jake Connelly will make you swoon HARD.  That boy is perfection!  I loved how into Brenna he was, how he wanted to push her but was also trying to be respectful of giving her space.  Be that for her personal walls or the fact that she’s the daughter of their biggest rival coach.  He’s just a ball of awesome and I fell for Jake just as much as Brenna did.

But Brenna was the understated star of the show for me.  I say understated but she has a big personality.  There really isn’t much understated about her until you peel back some of those outside layers and you get to the years of guilt and self doubt that she’s covered up.  I admired her tenacity to keep going, to prove she’s a better person even when she had all these ideas in her mind about what others thought of her.  She had to go through so much at a very young age and she never really got the help she needed to heal.  I appreciate how the author handled the subjects she tackled in this book and in Brenna’s past.  I was rooting for her all the way!

This book really has it all.  The perfect balance between hockey and explosive chemistry.  Strong yet lovable characters.  A great cast of supporting characters (that always leaves me wanting more).  THE RISK left me on such a high and begging for the next one.



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