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“Fun, flirty, steamy, packed full of sexual tension and great banter.”
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I’ve been waiting for Hunter’s book FOREVER and it’s finally here.  This was one of my most anticipated books in this series and I had no clue how I would end up feeling about it.  First, Hunter’s attitude the past few books has been a downhill slope so, would I like him?  And second, the fact that the heroine was dating someone else at the beginning of this book so, would it be too soon for me?  Rest assured, Elle Kennedy knows just how to take a sticky situation and make you fall in love with it.

Hunter is starting off the season with a vow of celibacy because he needs to make sure he doesn’t let the team down and not having his hook-ups interfering with his game is important to him.  So when he meets Demi and they have to work on a project together he knows it’ll be strictly friendly.  Plus she has a boyfriend so she’s extremely off limits.  I loved the time this takes to develop a friendship between them.  The fact that Demi and Hunter’s personalities seemed to be just perfect for each other was also very important.

If I could complain about one thing is the fact that I didn’t like how much pressure Demi puts on Hunter to give up on his vow of celibacy just because she was now ready to have sex.  Also, there’s an unexpected scene towards the end of this book that may be triggering for some people (mental health and suicide) so I figured it was right to mention it.

THE PLAY is everything I expect from Elle Kennedy.  Fun, flirty, steamy, packed full of sexual tension and great banter.  An entertaining read from start to finish.  When can we have the next one?


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